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Valeria CADONI

About Us

About us: In classical training, I was in charge of the International Film Festival in Rome and the Pubblancio Editions. I worked on the launch of the satellite channel Prima Sat, at the Pavia-Venice Raid, the longest motorboat raid in the world, and I have extensive work experience abroad both in Tunisia and in France, where I lived for 14 years in Tunis and 7 in Paris. Now I am president of Passione Cavallo, a non-profit making company to introduce horse to children, and I am operative in Made Italy Ltd (the company that owns the brands Cavallo Cavallo Italia and Clop).



About Us

About us: Marketing and communication expert, I joined the Association of Advertising Professionals as founder and president of NEWS, my  marketing and advertising agency recognized OTEP (now Unicom) with whom I was responsible for the development of projects marketing and communication for numerous national and international brands, including Subaru Automotive, Pirelli Group, Sharp Group, Gruppo Latina Assicurazioni and Birra Bass. Now I am the founder and CEO of Made Italy Ltd (the company that owns the brands Cavallo Cavallo Italia and Clop) and, in my free time, I write books and I am secretary of Passione Cavallo, a non-profit association to let the horse know more little ones.

We entered the world of the horse organizing the Memorial Ribot Event, through which we have known and understood how fascinating, magical and full of emotions the horse and the world that surrounds it and we have not abandoned it anymore.

We have created Passione Cavallo, a non-profit association to make the horse known to children, and Club Cavallo Italia, the world of those who love horses and their elegance.

With Club Cavallo Italia we have organized important events and created a world that did not exist before, the elegant world for people who have a special sensitivity for what is beauty, class, charm and elegance to experience the emotions that only the horse possesses and transmits and, of course, we have opened our online shop to offer products of the best Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Thank you for the time you spent with us and, if you want, write to us: info@clubcavalloitalia.it We always answer.

Some of the events and of the initiatives


Club Cavallo Italia and Club Cavallo Italia Shop is a Trademark Made Italy Ltd

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