Bags Collection

Bags dedicated to the Horses and their Elegance

Our Bags Collection is handmade by the hands of our Italian leather craftsmen who, thanks to their creativity, patience and skill, transform the soft and real Italian leather in a coveted, admired, unique and, of course, dedicated accessory to horses and their elegance.
Our master leather workers are on vacation from 10 to 22 August and in this period we will be able to deliver only the ready-made bags.
For information on the bag you have chosen, write to:
We don't go on vacation. Thank you.
Bags Collection
Each bag is something unique and unrepeatable: a work of art with its small defects that become the characteristic of the highest value craftsmanship.
Unique objects of absolute excellence personalized with the Club Cavallo Italia logo, the logo that distinguishes people who love beauty and elegance.
With the bag you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers, and when you receive your bag safely and without shipping costs at home... smell it and you will understand the difference between our collection of bags and the others.

 Thank you and we invite you to our collection of Murano Glass Horses, the excellence of Made in Italy in the most elegant animal.
Wonderful handmade horses in the ancient art of Murano glass that the whole world envies us. Thanks again.