Bracelets Collection

Bracelets Collection. Dedicated to horses and their elegance.
Bracelet dedicated to horses and their elegance.

The best of Made in Italy from Club Cavallo Italia at your home, without shipping costs. Bracelet Handmade Made in Italy

  Our Bracelets Collection are born in an ancient laboratory in northern Italy, on the shores of a blue lake, where we find tranquility to think about the models made by the hands of our skilled goldsmith who expertly combines silver, silver metal, real Italian leather, stones and yarns to create rare and precious bracelets dedicated to the horse and its elegance.


Each bracelet of our Bracelets Collection is Made in Italy and we are really excited of the our collection.


A tip: you often come back to this department because we always update our collection but if you don't find what you are looking for write to: Maybe we can make a bracelet just for you and don't forget to visit ours Murano Glass Horses. The excellence of Made in Italy in the most elegant animal. Thank you.

Murano Glass Horses dedicated to horses and their elegance.


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