Bracelets Thinking About the Horse

Our Bracelets Collection dedicated to horses and their elegance.

The hands of our skilled goldsmiths with long experience create our Bracelets Collection Thinking About the Horse, absolutely Made in Italy as the most precious objects that the whole world envies us, skilfully combining silver, silver metal, real Italian leather, stones and yarns to create rare bracelets and precious.


With the bracelet you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

It takes a few days for our goldsmiths to make your bracelet by hand and when you receive your bracelet safely and without shipping costs at home... wear it now and you will understand the difference between our collection of bracelets and the others.

And now we invite you to our Paper Jewelry Dedicated to Horses, a collection of ecological jewels, handmade in precious paper.

Thanks again and see you soon