For Those Who Love Horses and Their Elegance

We created Club Cavallo Italia, the world of Horses and their Elegance, the world that did not exist before, the elegant world reserved for people who have a particular sensitivity for everything that is beauty, class, charm and elegance.
Here you will find jewelry, earrings, watches, bracelets, leather goods and other items dedicated to horses and their elegance.
Club Cavallo Italia is the world where you live the emotions that only the horse possesses and transmits when it is a protagonist in the arts, in sport, in photography, in films, in drawings, in books ...
Welcome to Club Cavallo Italia, the world of horses and their elegance
In our shop you will find only Made in Italy objects dedicated to horses and their elegance.
With Club Cavallo Italia we offer people from all over the world who love horses and their elegance the best of Made in Italy dedicated to that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we don't like to call it animal).
We wish you a pleasant visit and if you want to write to us:
We always respond. Thank you again.
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