We present two precious lines of jewelery dedicated to horses and their elegance.

The first was born in Tuscany, famous all over the world for its master jewelers of great tradition who, with their skilled hands, create elegant, unique and refined handmade 925 silver jewelry.

Small, elegant silver horses.

The other was born in Vietri, one of the world capitals of artistic ceramic production, hand-painted jewelry on Vietri ceramics by our Italian Artist, Daughter of Art and Graduated in Art.

Real, small but extraordinary works of art, to wear.

By purchasing one of our jewelery you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

Important: since they are all handmade, are needed a few working days to make your jewel to be shipped to your home, in total safety, protected from bumps and, of course, without shipping costs.

And if the jewel you will receive is slightly different from the ones you saw here it is not a defect but it is proof that it was made by hand, just for you.

And now we invite you to discover our Clotingh Collection, created for those who love horses and their elegance.

Thank you.