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Classic Jewel

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Classic Jewel. Dedicated to the Horse and their elegance.

Classic Jewel. Dedicated to the Horse and their elegance.

Handmade. From Club Cavallo Italia the best of Made in Italy to your home, without shipping cost.

This jewel is made entirely by hand by longtime master jewelers in Tuscany, one of the most famous regions for its jewels, artisans who create only real Made in Italy silver jewels for Club Cavallo Italia.

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An exclusive a precious jewel handmade, a silver pendant 925, naturally nickel-free.

Classic Jewel has a diameter of 2 cm with the image of a beautiful horse’s head imprinted in the center and you will receive your address in complete safety, protected from shocks that could cause damage and without shipping costs.

Being made entirely by hand every jewel is slightly different and a small difference from the image you see on this page is normal and confirms that it is an exclusive and original object, very different from industrial objects, made in large series and intended for people who have a different way of living from ours.

To make this jewel takes a few days, the time required by the Tuscan goldsmith to create yours. A few days of waiting certainly worth the pleasure of owning this silver object, a precious work of art dedicated to the horses and their elegance.

Classic. The Made in Italy jewel dedicated to the Horse.

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