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White Horse Earrings

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White Horse Earrings. Dedicated to the Horse and their elegance.

White Horse Earrings. Dedicated to the Horse and their Elegance.

Hand painted in Vietri ceramics. From Club Cavallo Italia the best of Made in Italy to your home, without shipping cost.

By purchasing White Horse Earrings you will also have our Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers. Thank you.

This earrings is hand painted according to the Vietri ceramics traditions, one of the world capitals of artistic ceramics production, by our Italian artist, daughter of art and art graduate, who works in her characteristic laboratory overlooking the Gulf of Salerno , creating exclusive collections for Club Cavallo Italia.

A real small but great and precious earrings of art to wear and that you will have only you all over the world.

Some data: the earrings are round and enriched with an agate in the shape of a long drop. The total height is 8.5 cm and the diameter is about 3.0 cm.

White Horse Earrings

Important: being made all by hand to be ready, our artist needs 7 to 12 working days before being sent to your address in complete safety with protection against damage and, of course, without shipping costs.
Thank you for the purchase also from our artist.

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