Jewels and Watches

Welcome to the world of jewelery and watches dedicated to horses and their elegance.
Jewels dedicated to the horse
Timeless classic jewels that will never go out of fashion, the best of Made in Italy for you.
Handmade by Italian hands and, of course, dedicated to the horse, with some exceptions.

Jewels Collection
In our collections there are silver jewelery made by longtime master jewelers in Tuscany, one of the most famous Italian regions for jewelery, hand decorated jewelery with the ancient art of ceramics from Vietri, one of the world capitals of production artistic ceramics, with the colors, the traditions, the centuries-old history and the love of the master artisans of Vietri.

Each of our jewels is unique because it is handmade and the small differences you will see between the jewels published here and what you will receive at home are the confirmation that your jewelry has been created by hand and only for you.

The jewels of Club Cavallo Italia: a small, great work of art to wear.
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