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Equestrian Handbag


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Equestrian Handbag. Dedicated to the Horse and their Elegance.
Equestrian Handbag Black Color
Equestrian Handbag Blue Color
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Equestrian Handbag Natural Color
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Equestrian Handbag Yellow Color
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Equestrian Handbag Inside

Equestrian Handbag. Dedicated to the Horse and their Elegance.

Each Equestrian Handbag is handmade in Italy in soft Italian leather (deer print calf) and with the Club Cavallo Italia logo, synonymous with elegance, imprinted in an elegant pendant and you can choose the color you like best in the range we offer and that you will receive at home in total safety, protected from shocks that could cause damage and without shipping costs in a few days, the time that the master leatherworkers need to create an elegant and classy bag, expression of the best and most elegant Made in Italy.

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Equestrian Handbag is a practical bag from the generous dimensions for everyday use, with the short handle and a adjustable shoulder strap.

The interior is lined and has a comfortable central divider with zipper where to store the most important objects.

Equestrian Handbag: a glamorous and classy accessory in your work day, free time or shopping.
The measures are 38x28x18 cm the ideal size for all your days, important days for you and your world.

Choose it in the color you like best.

A necessary clarification: the craftsmanship of the Equestrian Handbag can lead to small variations in the colors proposed compared to those displayed in our store.

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