Pyrographed Horses on Wooden Bracelets

Ecological, inimitable, beautiful and unique bracelets as only horses are, handmade in Italy by Italian hands with the pyrography technique (*) using only the precious lime wood.

(*) The term pyrography derives from the ancient Greek "writing with fire" and is an essential engraving technique through the use of a heat source on materials such as wood.

Pyrographed Bracelet

An ancient technique known to the Tuareg, to the ancient peoples of the Central and South American and which was also used during the Middle Ages.

Ecological and eco-sustainable, wood is the only material that only needs water, air and sun to grow and is good for the environment because wood absorbs carbon dioxide.

The wood. Extraordinarily fascinating and ancient like the history of man.

Each bracelet is a unique piece to wear, hand-pyrographed with the image of beautiful horses and if the bracelet that you will receive at home will be slightly different from what you saw on our site it is not a defect but it is the proof that it has been done by hand, just for you.

You will see excellence in every detail and, if you want, we can also pyrography your name or a phrase next to the horse drawing.

The best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses at your home, without shipping costs and with the bracelet you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

It takes about 10 days for the creation of your bracelet and when you receive it, protected from shock that could damage it and without shipping costs at your home ... wear it now and you will understand the difference between this bracelet and all the others.

Thank you and now we invite you to our other ecological and environmentally friendly collection: Paper Jewerly Dedicated to Horses, handmade and dedicated to the horse.

Thanks again for your visit and see you soon.