Horses in Vietri Ceramics

Vietri is one of the world capitals of artistic ceramic production and here our Collection of Vietri Ceramic Jewels dedicated to Horses and their Elegance is born.

Horses in Vietri Ceramics

They are hand-painted by our Italian Artist, Daughter of Art and Graduate in Art, who works in his characteristic laboratory overlooking the Gulf of Salerno creating exclusive collections for the Club Cavallo Italia.

 By purchasing a jewel from this Collection you will also have the Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

 In all the jewels of our Collection of Vietri Ceramic Jewels there are the colors, the traditions, the centenary history and the love of the Master Craftsmen of Vietri.

 They are a creative synthesis, an immediacy of the image, colors that come together by contrast and not by nuanced overlap.

 Each jewel is a small, large work of art to wear, handmade, just for you.

 Thanks. And now we invite you to our Bags Collection, handmade by our Master Leather makers in real, soft and fragrant Italian leather. Enjoy your visit.