Your Horse Painted in the Plate

Having your beloved horse always in front of your eyes, in your house, painted on a precious material, and not in a cold photograph, is a wish that now comes true.

Your horse painted in a plate

 We can create for you a precious majolica plate, as precious as your horse, with the image and name of your horse, or for a gift that will not make you forget.

 The best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and their elegance with Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers.

 Being a manual product, you may find slight differences in the surface and colors: these are not imperfections, but intrinsic characteristics of the artisan majolica, which emerge at the end of the cooking.

 Being a plate decorated by hand just for you, the work is long, delicate and complex and takes 20/30 days to be ready before being sent to your home, in total safety, protected from bumps that could damage it and without shipping costs.

 On the back the confirmation that it is original Made in Italy and, if you want, your dedication.

 Thank you and we invite you to our collection of Murano Glass Horses, the excellence of Made in Italy in the most elegant animal.

Wonderful handmade horses in the ancient art of Murano glass that the whole world envies us. Thanks again.