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Horse at Spring EarringsHorse at Spring Earrings. Hand painted by an Italian artist.

Each piece is different from the other and you will only have it.

The Made in Italy of Club Cavallo Italia at your home, without shipping costs.

Horse at Spring Earrings. Exclusive jewels made and decorated by hand by an Italian artist. A real little, big and precious work of art to wear. A nice little horse you’ll have only you all over the world.

Like the our Tuscany Jewelry Collection. Below one of the jewels of the collection.

Exclusive of Tuscany Jewels Collection.

The Horse at Spring Earrings are the jewel that gives light to your face, enhances the your expression, the intensity of your look and your smile.

They are made entirely by hand in ceramic, starting from two small amounts of white clay selected, of course Italian, clay that is molded into the shapes you see.

After a long process of craftsmanship and finishing, are hand painted with extreme care and rare mastery by an Italian artist, daughter of art and graduate Master of Art.

So they are cooked in a specific ceramic oven that reaches very high temperatures, around 1000 ° and, once cooled, they are ready for you to wear to you.
Since the processing of the Horse at Spring earrings is exclusively handmade, the style and decoration vary, even if only slightly from the images you see here, making them unique in the world.

A real little, big and precious work of art to wear and that you will have only you, all over the world and if you think it is expensive, remember that it is entirely handmade by an Italian artist. Only for you.

And here you can see our Free Horse Parure. Thank you.

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The earrings are round, decorated by hand with the head of a horse among the spring flowers and enriched with pendants in dark red original agate in the shape of a long drop and have a total height of 8.5 cm with a diameter of 3.0 cm.

Important: Horse at Spring Earrings is not for sale in stores but you can only find it here, in our online shop and, being handmade, every jewel requires 7 to 12 work days to be ready before being sent to your address in complete safety and protected from shocks that could cause damage, without shipping costs and with PayPay protection.

So do not wait: order your Horse at Spring Earrings now and they will be in your home in complete safety and protected from shocks that could damage them.

We will give to those who buy, until stocks run out, a collection of rare postcards, old and now unavailable, taken from the paintings of a great Italian painter.

Now, if you want, you can admire our Watches Collection or our Jewerly Art Collection, small, great works of art. Also in this collection each jewel is different from the other because it is created by hand. For you. Enjoy your visit.
Finally, if you want to know Club Cavallo Italia and know who are the people who created it, manage it and propose you Horse at Spring Earrings, it is at your disposal our site that you can visit here. Your visit will make us very happy and if you want to write to us: We always answer and we will do it as soon as possible because Customers are our most precious asset and deserve the utmost attention and respect. Thank you

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