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Riding Collection HandbagThe Riding Collection Handbag is born to live the emotions that only the horse transmits. Is the Club Cavallo Italia bag in honor of horse riding, one of the most beautiful, elegant and exciting sports in the world.

The Made in Italy of Club Cavallo Italia at your home, without shipping costs.

The Riding Collection Handbag is handmade Saffiano leather, a leather very fine and soft, printed with the Club Cavallo Italia logo, synonymous with elegance and glamor, discretely impressed in an element of skin of a different color, an exclusive object that only finds here, avoiding the crowd of shops.

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Riding Collection HandbagThe Riding Collection Handbag is made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen and, for this reason, you will be able to choose the color that you like best in the range we have selected for you and will be delivered to your home within a few days, the time that our masters require to create a stylish and classy bag, the expression of the best and most elegant Made in Italy.

You will receive your handbag directly at home safely and with PayPal protection along with the custom card with your name, which confirms her authenticity.

Riding Collection HandbagThe Riding Collection Handbag is a handy, handy handbag that we thought for everyday use, a glamorous and classy accessory on your business day, in your leisure or shopping.

For this reason it has adjustable shoulder handles
The measures are 25x21x13 cm: the ideal size for all your days, important days for you and your world.
Choose it in the color you like best.

A necessary clarification: craftsmanship of the Riding Collection Handbag can lead to variations in the colors proposed compared to those displayed in our shop.

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Riding Collection HandbagFinally, if you want to know Club Cavallo Italia and know who are the people who created it, manage it and propose you this bag, it is at your disposal our site that you can visit here. Your visit will make us very happy and if you want to write to us: We always answer and we will do it as soon as possible because Customers are our most precious asset and deserve the utmost attention and respect. Thank you.

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