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SportingSporting. A little, sporting silver horse handmade by an Italian goldsmith, in Tuscany.

Each piece is different from the other: a rare work of art to give away or wear.

Sporting, a precious jewel handmade, a silver pendant Made in Italy for those who love beauty, elegance, the class of the horse.

The Made in Italy of Club Cavallo Italia at your home, without shipping costs.

An exclusive a precious jewel handmade, a silver pendant 925, naturally nickel-free, Made in Italy for those who love beauty, elegance, the class of the horse. Only for you.

Only for you like the Hand-Painted Collection. Below the earrings of the collection.

Unfortunately, even the most beautiful photography does not transmit the great and unique beauty of this jewel, a small but large, original and precious work of art.

Sporting has a diameter of 2 cm with a puncture head of a beautiful horse in the center and you will receive it in your home complete with its elegant silver chain, without shipping costs, in safety and with PayPay protection.


Sporting. Handmade, for you.

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We will give to those who buy, until stocks run out, a collection of rare postcards, old and now unavailable, taken from the paintings of a great Italian painter.

Being made entirely by hand every piece of Tuscany Jewels Collection is slightly different and a small difference from the image you see on this page is normal and confirms that it is an exclusive and original object, very different from industrial objects, made in large series and intended for people who have a different way of living from ours.

To make this jewel takes a few days, the time required by the Tuscan goldsmith to create yours. A few days of waiting certainly worth the pleasure of owning this silver object, a precious work of art dedicated to the horse and unique in the world that will arrive directly to your home, without shipping costs.

Sporting: an exclusive and elegant jewel in silver, Made in Italy for you, for the person you love, for those who take care of you. A gift that will make you remember as a person who knows how to choose the best.

And now you can admire Classic of this collection.

Now, if you want, you can admire our Hand-Painted Jewels or our Jewerly Art Collection, small, great works of art. Also in these collections each jewel is different from the other because it is created by hand. For you. Enjoy your visit.

Finally, if you want to know Club Cavallo Italia and know who are the people who created it, manage it and propose you Sporting, it is at your disposal our site that you can visit here. Your visit will make us very happy and if you want to write to us: We always answer and we will do it as soon as possible because Customers are our most precious asset and deserve the utmost attention and respect. Thank you.

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