Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia


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Your eyes deserve Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia.

The Made in Italy of Club Cavallo Italia at your home, without shipping costs.

Classical, elegant and timeless, Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia are the unique, fascinating and of course high quality frame, to your look to the world, to the world of Club Cavallo Italia.

Every one of our sunglasses is designed for woman and man in a unique size and, like all other items branded Club Cavallo Italia, is 100% Made in Italy and can not be different because we are Club Cavallo Italia.

Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia: each of our glasses is made according to the best traditions of craftsmanship with cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli, certified by the Institute for the Protection of Producers and personalized with the word Club Cavallo Italia on the box.

The lenses are cut with an automated machine and each of our glasses follows 72 phases and about 50 working days before being ready.

Cleaning is carried out with a 120-hour process because the best tradition is that the polishing, brushing and finishing phases are carried out strictly by hand.

Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia

“Spotted” model for women and men in unique size of Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia.

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Spotted of Sunglasses Club Cavallo Italia are exhausted in a few days and to know when they will be available again fill out the form below and we will be extremely careful to advise you of course without any commitment from you. Thank you.

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