Thoroughbred Watch Model 40



The most beautiful gift because it will remember You every time Her or Him watch what time it is

Furthermore we give away who will buy, until the stocks are exhausted, a print or a collection of rare, old and now unavailable postcards, drawn from the paintings of a great Italian painter.

Below you see the beautiful and rare postcards we will give you.

Thoroughbred Watch Model 40 is made in only 99 specimens, practically hand-made, and only You and 98 other people around the world live this emotion: an exclusive object, a jewel of watch that only finds here, avoiding the crowd of shops!

And for each piece we sell, we will offer, at His Name, food to Calippo, a sweet horse that needs help. Calippo’s picture is at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

Thoroughbred Watch model 40 is a collection masterpiece because it is made in a very limited edition of 99 pieces all over the world. After, there will not be more. And we imagine that its value may increase over time.

We’ve created this watch in honor of the Thoroughbred Horse, a gorgeous British breed that means bred in purity, like the clock we propose, a great item for people who choose the best, emotions to live every day His wrist.

The Thoroughbred Watch Model 40 is a thin (5.5 mm) wristwatch finished in pink gold with a genuine leather strap and the Club Cavallo Italia brand discreetly engraved on the backside, next to the progressive numbering.

Each piece is progressively numbered on the base and will be delivered to your home safely and with PayPal protection, along with the custom card and numbered with your name, confirming your authenticity.

Bring the Thoroughbred Watch is live the emotions, class, elegance, strength that only the horse possesses and means to become part of the world that loves magic, beauty, charm that only this extraordinary animal Expresses (but we do not like to call it animal).

Technical Data

The Thoroughbred Watch Model 40 has a diameter of 40 mm, 5.5 mm thick, the safe and reliable premium quality premium watch watch Quartz movement and water resistant up to 3 ATMs.

It will be your sure and reliable companion for your work days and your free time.

Finally, if you want to know Club Cavallo Italia and know who are the people who created it, manage it and propose this watch, it is at your disposal our site that you can visit here. Your visit will make us very happy.

And now we offer You a short video. Good vision. Thank You.

Thanks again for the time spent with us on this page, and come back soon, whenever you want. Every visit honors us and is particularly welcome, and here is Calippo, the sweet horse that has no longer been able to continue his racing career for a serious physical problem, risked the slaughter and is now waiting to be helped. Thank You.

Thoroughbred Watch

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