Stirrup Silhouette 292
Stirrup Silhouette 292
Stirrup Silhouette 292

Stirrup Silhouette 292

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Stirrup Silhouette 292. An elegant thread of real and robust Italian leather passes through small stirrups in silver metal and, of course, nickel free.

Of course it is handmade like all our other collections, the best of Made in Italy dedicated to horses and their elegance

By purchasing Stirrup Silhouette 292 you will have our Exclusive Services reserved for our Customers. Thanks.

Choose it in the color you prefer and you will receive it directly to your home, in total safety, protected from impacts that could damage it and without shipping costs in a few days, the time necessary for our Master Goldsmiths to make your bracelet.

Important: since our collection of bracelets is handmade, there may be a slight variation between the Stirrup Silhouette 292 you see here and the one that will be delivered to your home and is proof that your bracelet is handmade, just for you

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Thank you again and see you soon.