Trotting Backpack. Dedicated to the Horse and their Elegance.
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Trotting Backpack

Trotting Backpack

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The Trotting Backpack is handmade in real and soft Italian leather, resistant and excellent for daily use with three external pockets and a quick and safe strap that closes under the flap and with the Club Cavallo Italia logo, synonymous with elegance, discreetly imprinted on the flap.

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It is the perfect backpack for your work day, for studies, for your free time, for your travels or for shopping and its measures are ideal for holding your tablet / PC (cm33x29x12)

Choose the color you like best and you will receive your Trotting Backpack at home in total safety, protected from bumps that could cause damage and without shipping costs in a few days, the time necessary for our master leather makers to create your Trotting Backpack, the best Made in Italy dedicated to horses and their elegance.

A necessary clarification: the craftsmanship of the Trotting Backpack can lead to small variations in the colors proposed compared to those you see here.

When you receive your Trotting Backpack, safely and without shipping costs, ... smell it and you will understand the difference between our Leather Goods Collection and the others

Thank you and now look at how you can have your Horse Painted in a precious Majolica Plate or to give a gift to those who have the horse and who will not make you forget.

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